Why choose Decorative Glass & Glazing Co Ltd uPVC Doors?

Double glazing is the best choice for windows at home or in industry; it reduces noise and heat loss and lowers energy bills. But, what do you do when it goes wrong; e.g. when condensation appears in the units? Answer: contact a reputable glazing company.

uPVC Door Maintenance & Repair in Cardiff and across South Wales

One of the most common problems with older units is “misty windows” because condensation has entered the sealed glass system. This can be solved by an extraction method which removes the moisture and restores the sealed unit. This means that you do not always have to pay for a brand new window when a simple repair is all that is necessary.

Replace your doors with our Quality uPVC

With double glazing, the single layer is replaced by two glass sheets surrounding an insulating inert gas layer. A reliable company will advise on replacing the complete window but also just the glass units, without the UPVC surrounds, if that is all that is needed. With a bespoke service, you can also expect the units to be cut to size so that you can maintain the look of the property.

Decorative Glass & Glazing Co Ltd  offer Expert uPVC Services in Cardiff

Reputable glazing companies can replace old units but will also provide double glazed doors, patio doors and other services. A repair company will be able to solve other common problems such as fixing faulty locks and hinges on windows, doors and patio doors – even tackling faulty guttering and repairing fascias. You can also lighten your home or office areas; UPVC Door Installation Cardiff will replace wooden doors with glazed UPVC versions that increase illumination but will not compromise security.

Specialist Window Preservation Services in Cardiff and across South Wales

Also, if you have a decorative feature window, or stained glass, you do not have to lose it if the glass splinters or the lead strip corrodes. UPVC Doors Cardiff uses an innovative method of securing your treasured feature in a sealed unit preserving the decorative effect but still ensuring good sound proofing and insulation.

UPVC Doors Cardiff is a bespoke glazing company that was established in 2001 and covers Cardiff, Vale of Glamorgan and the South Wales Valleys. It has built up a reputation for efficient and reliable service. As UPVC Door Installation Cardiff, it can also provide you with new UPVC doors as well as windows. Unlike most companies, it also caters for repair of stained glass and decorative windows. If you are based in South Wales and need advice, UPVC Doors Cardiff should be your first port of call.