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Expert Door Repairs Throughout Cardiff

Decorative Glass & Glazing Co has over 15 years experience offering door repairs in Cardiff and surrounding areas of South Wales. We operate friendly and efficient service, to the highest standards of workmanship and value for money.

Front, Back & Patio Door Repairs

Front, Back & Patio doors can all suffer sometime with a variety of issues and problems, leading to all types of repairs & maintenance which may be required. UPVC, Aluminium and timber frame materials are the most common types having similar working components.

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Over a period of time, lack of professional maintenance inevitably leads to faults, all doors need servicing. Constant use causes a number of problems, and providing you can see the signs and act appropriately, money can be saved on expensive repairs.

The tell tale signs that your door needs a service are:

  • Dragging on the bottom or side folds of door & frame.
  • It becomes increasingly hard to lock the door.
  • Water Ingress & Draughts


Providing your locks are well oiled & serviced regularly, their lifespan can be prolonged, However, like everything in life they will be prone to wear and tear, and eventually fail.

The main cause of failure is down to doors falling out of sync with locking points on frames causing resistance and grinding of locks on frames. If you get to this stage, call for a service. If for some reason the lock is beyond service or repair, we are able to replace locks or upgrade them for those customers that require more security.

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door repairs installing door handle locks

Draughts & leaks

Draughts and leaks can be caused by a number of reasons. Shrinkage of silicon sealant can allow ingress of water and draughts at the side of the frame. If locking points are not engaging properly, it can lead to the door warping outwards/inwards, again allowing draughts and ingress of water. Another issue is blocked drainage channels or worn rubber seals. All of this can be rectified with a call to Decorative Glass.

Panels / Cat & Dog Flaps

many doors comprise of plastic decorative, or flat plastic panels. Over a period of time these can crack, warp or discolour. These can be changed without the disruption of having a new door, or can be changed for glass infill panels or vice-versa. For customers requiring cat or dog flaps, we are able to cut one in providing it’s flat & unmoulded, or simply supply a new panel fitted with your cat/dog flap of choice.

black cat flap in wooden door
large conservatory with open upvc doors facing garden patio

Patio & Bi-folding Door Problems

Patio doors generally come in two versions; sliding or tilt & slide.

Sliding Patio doors don’t tend to go wrong however, after years of service, due to operating on a set of wheels can gather grime and begin to wear. A tell tale sign that you have a problem is constantly having to put effort into closing and locking the door, and in sever cases wear on the track. In most cases we can rectify the issues by replacing the wheels.

Tilt and slide doors however, can be problematic due to the number of components. The handle operates a number of locking points individually connected to each other. If one of these fail, it causes total failure. In many cases we can replace the failed component, although most of the time all that is needed is a simple service.

Bi-folding doors are becoming increasingly popular & are a comination of the above. Incidentally the problems are also a combination of the two.

Door Hinges

A door can be affected by a worn or broken hinge. In most cases these can be replaced. Any doubts, call Decorative Glass for advice.

cupboard hinge with screwdrivers
door handles and locks being installed with screwdriver

Hardware & Furniture

Basically this is door bling. Door handles & letter boxes of various colours. Spy holes, knockers & Numbers. Door chains & bells. All of which can be supplied & fitted.