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Expert Double Glazing Repairs in Cardiff

Don’t wait until a window fails to open or close, a glazed unit mists up, or doors fail to lock. We offer a comprehensive check-up and maintenance policy which will highlight possible future failure in a number of areas including misting, hinges, catches and locks. A repair may just need a few turns of a screwdriver, or realignment of a window unit, why wait until it becomes an expensive problem?

Misted Glass / Broken Glass Replacement

When a glass sealed unit breaks down, an ingress of water vapour occurs between the panes, this is a natural occurrence caused by atmospheric conditions and weathering during the lifetime of the unit. Decorative Glass can solve this problem by replacing the offending unit in your window.

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Door / Window Locks

Providing your locks are well oiled and serviced regularly, their lifespan will be prolonged. However, like everything in life they will be prone to wear and tear and eventually fail.

The main cause of failure is down to doors falling out of sync with receiving points on the frame, causing resistance and grinding of the lock. you may also need to lift the door handles that little bit more in order to lock it. If you get to this stage , call for a service ! it’s a lot more inexpensive than replacing the lock. Another cause, mainly with window locks are that receiving points go dry, again causing resistance and eventually lock failure.

Leaks / Drafts

From time to time windows, doors and conservatories may suffer leaks or draughts. This may be due to a number of issues. i.e. slipped roof panels, faulty hinges, broken door/window seals. Whatever the problem our fitters will be able to identify and correct a problem in 99% of cases.

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Window & door hinges suffer wear over a period of time and need to be replaced. They can create another source of draughts. One notable sign that your window hinges need replacing is that they will kick out in the corners that sash is hinged on.

Worn door hinges may cause the door to drop creating a grinding effect when operating the lock. Prolonged use of lock at this point can result in lock failure. If in doubt call us for free advice.

Handles & Locks

Most of our window repairs in Cardiff and the surrounding areas entail replacing broken or damaged hinges, and or broken damaged handles or locks to both residential and commercial properties.

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Decorative Glass & Glazing Co Ltd

With our commitment to customer satisfaction weather as an existing or new customer one of our call out teams will make your property teams will make your property secure and ensure that the repair is carried out as quickly and efficiently as possible.