Double Glazing Window And Door Repairs

Double Glazing Window And Door Repairs

Double glazing has become a popular choice in comes across the country. Keeping windows and doors well maintained is important to giving them a long and productive life. Simple repairs when they occur is the best way of doing this, without major expense. We will see how spotting issues gives you a heads up on fixing them before they become a major issue. So, do you know all you need to know about double glazing window and door repairs?

Is Your Window Or Door Misted Up

Misting in a double-glazing unit, be it a window or door, is a sign that either there is a flaw in the seals, or the glazing has a flaw. When either of these are faulty moisture makes it way in and condensation builds, creating the misted effect. Condensation may appear from time to time but quickly go away, this is due to temperature outside and inside of the glazing unit. If you notice mist appear and it doesn’t go away over a short period, its time to contact you local doubling glazing repair service.

Check Your Locks And Seals

Locks and seals are two separate issues, but they are equally important to get repaired if you notice any issues. With locks, they may be sticking when you open them, or they have become difficult to lock. Locks need to be in good order because if they’re not they can allow access to your home and reduce the security of your house.

If your double-glazing units’ seals have started to degrade, it can not only result in the glazing misting but can also have an effect on their energy efficiency. Broken seals will allow warm air to escape in the colder months and your home will not be able to retain the heat in your house, this can have an effect of your energy bills over time, it’s not just cracked glass that means your window is in need of repair.

Is Any Double Glazing Cracked

When dealing with double glazing window and door repairs, cracked glazing is one of the most common issues. Cracked glass can not only be unsightly but can have many of the effects of misting, low energy efficiency and low security for your home. Think of it as all the above issues in one. If any of the maintenance issues we have mentioned occur with your windows or doors, its time to contact your double-glazing repair professionals before it becomes a major problem.

Double Glazing Repairs Cardiff

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