Glazing And Window Repair Tips

Knowing when you need your windows repaired is key, it has a great effect on energy efficiency and security. The issues can seem endless but with the right company they can be fixed in no time. We have put together some window repair tips to help you notice any issues with your windows.

How Long Do Windows Last

On average modern windows will last 15-20 years. Don’t wait until they are reaching the end of their life to get windows replacements & repairs, deal with any issues as they arise and if they need to be replaced, contact you local window installer to help you get the best finish.

When You Need Your Windows Replaced

• Cracked Panes & Frames- When a window is cracked, be it the glazing or frame, it effects your windows security and insulation.

• Fogged Glass- More common in double & triple glazing. It is when a small hole is in the glazing or frame that allows condensation to form between the panes. Replacement may be the best option to combat the issue.

• High Energy Bills- When there are issues with the structure of your window & frames, the insulation properties are greatly reduced and have a knock-on effect on your energy usage.

• Soft frames- Common in wooden frames. If the wood sill feels soft to the touch it may be a sign moisture has made its way into the frame. Replacing these effected frames is the best course of action. Modern materials will be able to combat moisture much more efficiently.

Window & Frame Replacement South Wales

If you notice any issues with your window or frames it may be time for a replacement. Here at Decorative Glass & Glazing, we are able to best advise you on your window & frame replacement across South Wales. Customer service is our number one concern, we want you to have the best from us and will guide you through step by step.

Contact us 029 2056 6694 and our expert team will be able to answer any questions you may have.