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How Energy Efficient Are uPVC Windows

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Having an energy efficient home is important for you and the environment. Making your home efficient can be easily managed and with a few changes you can be up and running in no time. uPVC Windows are one way to help make your home more energy efficient.

What Are The Benefits Of uPVC Double Glazing

• Greater Comfort- By reducing heat loss, double glazed windows make for a much comfier home with less drafts or cold spots.
• Limiting Sound Pollution- These windows greatly reduce external noise from making its way into your home.
• Reduce your carbon footprint- By being well sealed they allow you to heat your home for shorter periods, which in turn means you save in the long run on heating your home.
• Security- They greatly improve your homes security, being much harder to gain access.

How is uPVC Double Glazing Energy Efficient

uPVC Double glazed windows create an insulating barrier between the two panes, which maintains the temperature within your home. Not just warm in the winter months but cool in the summer too.
This is achieved by:
• Uses the warm from the sun that comes through the window
• Stops heat from escaping
• Preventing air links from around the window
Energy efficient windows are rated according to their ability to achieve these three things.

What Are Window Energy Ratings

The British Fenestration Rating Council (BFRC) have rating systems for windows so you can make an informed choice of how energy efficient you want your windows to be. Windows are rated on its ability to retain heat (u-value) All good double glazed windows will come with this rating.

Benefits Of uPVC Windows

uPVC is a great option for double glazed windows and are recyclable too. uPVC windows are very long lasting and with good maintenance, can last many years. They contain many chambers within the frame which are filled with air and act as a additional insulator.

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