Energy Efficiciency Tips At Home

The cold and darker months are on the way. Winter is around the corner and for you homeowners, it is the time of year when keeping homes warm can be a challenge. So, we have come up with some energy tips to keeping a warm home this winter, to help you make the most of the valuable heat in your home and ensure you have a cosy winter.

Efficient Radiators

Using radiator foils is one of the most simple and effective ways of maximising the heat generated by your home’s radiators, therefore saving you money on your energy bills and in turn reducing your carbon footprint. Radiator foils work simply by reflecting the heat coming out the back of your radiator back into the room, as opposed to letting it escape through the walls of your house.

Using regular kitchen tin foil is not recommended, not only can it be potentially dangerous – it does not do the job as well. Specialist radiator foil can be picked up in most DIY stores.

Double Glazing Cardiff

Double or triple glazing your windows is one of the most effective ways of keeping your home warm in the winter, and despite the initial investment will save you money on your heating bills in the long run. It is estimated A-rated windows can reduce your home heating bills by up to £325 annually!

Reduce The Drafts In Your Home

Drafts coming into your home also mean valuable heat leaving your home. Older doors and windows are one of the most common problems, to alleviate this buy door stops that sit at the bottom of the door where most of the heat will be escaping. Alternatively, purchasing a new replacement door will eliminate any drafts coming into your home via the door.

Boiler Upgrades

If your boiler is more than 10 years old, upgrading to a more efficient newer model will save you money guaranteed. Modern boilers use a lot less energy to produce the same amount of heat in the home. Additionally, a newer boiler is much less likely to experience an unexpected breakdown throughout the winter period.

Use Your Curtains Properly

Now this may come across as a bit obvious, but many homes are missing out on heat by keeping their curtains open or shut at the wrong times of the day. Open your curtains during the day to let the natural sunlight into your home, and when it gets dark, shut your curtains, these act as another layer of insulation.

Install A Programmed Thermostat

Installing a programmed thermostat helps you manage your energy bills and ensures you can come home to a warm home without having to leave your heating on. There are even programmed thermostats on the market that can be linked to your smartphone and WIFI – allowing you to monitor the heating in your home when out and about.

Wear A Jumper!

One of the most cost-effective ways to stay warm this winter is by wrapping up warm, so do not be afraid to dig out your woolly jumper! Hot water bottles and electric blankets are also a great way to stay warm when in bed – allowing you to turn down your thermostat a few degrees.

Energy Efficient Windows and Doors Cardiff

There is no better way to keep your home warm this winter than buying A-rated windows and doors. We have been providing a valued service to our customers in and around Cardiff for almost 15 years. As part of our ongoing commitment to customers, both old and new we endeavour to provide a fast, clean and efficient service encompassing Cardiff, The Vale of Glamorgan and the South Wales Valleys.