Is Your Double Glazing Misted Up

A misted-up window is an unsightly thing and it is not only an annoyance but a sign that your windows seals may have been compromised. This in turn means your windows insulation properties are not working either and that can have an effect on your energy bills over time. Is your double glazing misted up? Be it your windows or doors, its time to get it repaired or replaced as soon as you can. Here’s why.

Why Does Double-Glazing Mist Up

Double-glazing is created by sealing two panes of glass together and filling the gap between with gas. If these seals degrade condensation gets into the unit and creates the misting you see on your window or door. Misting does occur on double glazed windows and doors sometimes but will go away quickly, If the misting stays and does not dissipate, it’s time to get them repaired.

Why Does The Seal Break

The seal can break for many reasons. It may just be as simple as the seal has degraded with age. Simple wear and tear have an effect too. A window unit expands and contracts with the heat of both inside and outside, this is normal but over time the seal will weaken and may break with age.

Are You cleaning Your Windows Correctly

This may seem an easy problem to avoid but many make a common mistake when cleaning their double-glazed windows and doors. Avoid harsh chemicals such as solvents and oil-based cleaners. These can degrade the seal and weaken it, increasing the chance of the unit becoming compromised and mist to start moving up the internal parts of the glazing.

Poor Installation

One-way misting can occur in newer windows is poor installation. Always check that you are use an experienced and trusted double-glazing installer, such as us here at Decorative Glass and Glazing. Having the right installer can make all the difference when windows and doors are installed.

Double Glazing Repairs Near Me

If you need any double-glazing repairs in Cardiff and the surrounding areas, look no further than Decorative Glass and Glazing Co. Our skilled team will discuss your repairs on the telephone before making a site visit to give the best quote. We will have your double-glazed windows and doors at their best in no time.