Conservatory with glass roof against a red brick house

Door Panels & Conservatory Roofs

Whether you have a broken or worn door panel, or simply want to re-vamp your existing door, we have a wide range for you to choose from.

Sometimes Conservatory roof panels can slip allowing the weather to be exposed. We are able to re-position these, or if you wish for them to be replaced. Due to misting and moulding up, we can measure up and fit with piece of mind. We supply glass, poly carb, solar reflective, self cleaning panes and many more.

Sills & Trims

On occasions, sills and trims can become dislodged. We are able to re-attach and seal existing ones, or replace with new

Rubber Gaskets & Silicon Seals

Rubber seals and Gaskets are designed for numerous reasons:

In doors and windows their purpose are to keep out draughts and weather. Between the glass and frame, gaskets are designed to create pressure between glass and beads, thus holding them firmly and securely in place. Over a period of time, theses seals break down and although they come in many shapes and sizes, we are able to replace or substitute in 99% of cases.

Silicon and corking seals can be found around the perimeters of doors and window frames. They are prone to parting, which paves the way for draughts and water ingress. We are able to remedy this by raking out old sealant and replacing it with a new and suitable sealant.

double glazing panel cut through diagram
Male handyman carpenter at interior wood door lock installation


To provide peace of mind, we can service your windows and doors on a yearly basis, or as a one off. This includes oiling all your locks, doors and windows, checking hinges, handles and units and replacing doors if necessary.

Cat/Dog Flaps & Letterboxes

If you have a cat or dog, we can provide and install a flap of your choice. Weather you require a basic 4 way flap or a microchip version, we can cut it into an existing door panel providing it is flat. In the case of glass panels, a new one will have to be manufactured, as a hole can’t be cut into an existing unit.

All our glass units manufactured for cat and dog flaps are toughened to give extra strength and safety. With a large volume of post being delivered in this day and age it is now wonder letterboxes suffer damage. Letterboxes come in various sizes and colour’s and we are able to measure and supply a new one for you. In some cases providing the door is suitable we are able to provide a more durable and heavy duty letterbox.

An inside view of a regular black pet flap on a light wood door surrounded by walls walls and wood skirting